today’s class

Homework: pp 7&8 of our False Friends


We worked on Phrasal verbs, Idioms and the like; there was a long listening Exercise (15 min) – you can find the audio (with transcript) here:

Please work on the sheets I handed out today, since we won’t come together next week. Please take special care with your work on “UP IN THE AIR”, since this is almost like the final exam – same structure, same length, same level. So, check yourself, maybe you even want to limit your time and try if you can do it. Take a dictionary and try to work with it, just like you’re supposed to in the final exams.

Next time, we’re going to do more listening comprehensions PLUS speaking practice!



And to freshen up your memory:

England – Great Britain – United Kingdom


England = „just“ England

Great Britain = England, Scotland & Wales

The United Kingdom = England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland


Watch this and take notes:


Further reading on this topic:






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