class of Dec 14, 2015

5-6 class of Dec 14, 2015

We did a test on the False Friends and checked our Mixed Grammar


We read p. 117/118 and did ex 3 a and b (please revise p. 274ff “DEBATING”)


Homework: p. 118 / 1 + 2

Get familiar with FF pp. 3&4,

Please prepare p. 120 3A: ex 2a and b, so we can have a discussion in class next week. read p. 120 / Text B and do 1, read pp. 122+123 and do ex 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 (check the red hints!!) and get familiar with the vocabulary.

We wanted to read p. 118/119 (Text B) and do 1, 2, 3.

We wanted to start p. 120 / A: 1

Yet to do: p. 121 GETTING ALONG IN ENGLISH (with CD)

An Outpost of Progress:




After you finished reading the first short story, please do this task (until January 2016):


Reading Comprehension

about the opening of

“An Outpost of Progress” by Joseph Conrad

Put these events into the correct order according to the text.
Start from the beginning of the story to “…Look at those two imbeciles.”

Start with what happens first. Be careful: Identify and leave out the two sentences below that are not in the text.

Put the right letter from the column on the left hand side here in the correct order of the events.
a)       Henry Price arrives at the place of the station.
b)       Kayerts is moved to tears.
c)       Makola lives on the station with just his family and no one else.
d)       Makola moves from place to place.
e)       Some cotton goods and other provisions are left at the station.
f)         The company director expresses his low opinion on the new agents.
g)       The company’s director finds the station in good order.
h)       The company’s director puts up a cross.
i)         The company’s director talks to Carlier and Kayerts about the positive prospects of trade at that station.
j)         The former painter catches a contagious disease.
k)       The formerly unsuccessful painter dies.
l)         The steamer fails to appear.
m)     The two white men are given charge of the trading station.




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