class of Nov 30, 2015

5/6 class of Nov 30, 2015

Hi all,

Today, we corrected our homework (Greenpeace in Action / Right of Way Changed / Ballooning / The Environment). We checked p. 107 Watch your language. We read p. 110. We skipped p. 111. We read 112-113.

Greedy = habgierig; erfolgssüchtig

Superficial, egocentric

credulous, gullible = leichtgläubig

docile = gutmütig;



eventually = finally = in the end

  1. 113/2

– the story is short.

– the animals are depicted as human beings (the sheep have spies, newspapers, publishers, sentinels, etc., the wolves have taverns, both have human personality traits).

– There is a moral tag at the end.


Can be taken at face value (scheinbarer Wert) since the sheep spies are indeed dressed in wolf’s clothing, but it’s also an allusion to and inversion of the common phrase “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, which stems from an Aesop fable.

The sheep disguise themselves as wolves to collect secret information about their enemies, they take on the wolves’ competitive, aggressive behaviour. However, they do not use these characteristicts to fight their enemy but rather to fight each other, which leads to the final catastrophe.

3c) As news agencies have to sell their news, they are often more interested in getting something published than in checking whether it is correct or not.


HOMEWORK: A Nursery School Teacher / Agatha Christie + book p. 108/109: Check these on your own, do 1a and 1b, 2a, b, 3a. Check the glossary. Please do p. 110 1a, c. Check the vocab on pp. 110/111, please try to do p. 113 / 3b

Please get the book One Language, Many Voices



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