class of Oct 26, 2015

5-6 class of Oct 26, 2015
trunk: the lower thick part of a tree
whammy (infl): sth that has a strong or unpleasant influence
quadruple: consisting of four parts
simple / double / triple / quadruple
INFO: English in Europe: Generally, English is the first foreign language in education in all EU Member States (except anglophone ones). In secondary education, the language most often taught as a foreign language is English. About 89 % of all students in Europe learn English. In Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands over 90 % of all secondary school students learn English. 32 % of pupils learn French, 18 % German and 8 % Spanish. Altogether 47 % of all non-native English speakers in the EU say they speak English well.

4a) metaphor of the tree
4b) 4 types of power
HOMEWORK: p. 105 / A 1, 2, 3 and B 1
Learn the vocab!
p. 106/2+3 (from B) and prep. p. 106 / C 1 (institutions)
We will do 2a+b in class next time
Please do the “Watch your language” on p. 107 – I’ll give you the solutions next time.
Finish your work on 1984 – I will collect it after the holidays and we will have our test in November!! (exact date to be announced on the blog – but be prepared!)


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