today’s class & homework

p. 71 / 2a) application -> to apply sth.

observation -> observe sth



p. 76 / 1a


PRO: to see the nature, no electricity needed, low CO2 outcome
CON: we have to build ways, bad influence to environment, nature will be destroyed


PRO: to see the nature, no electricity needed, low CO2 outcome

CON: left litter on the way (pollution), smokers leave their garbage and can cause fire in droughts.


PRO: no car needed, increase of use as well in everyday-activities,

CONS: bikes need to be produced -> pollution; not easy to dispose a broken bike, destroy nature and kill animals / insects by mistake;



PRO: If the water quality is not okay, people might engage in cleaning up the lake / river etc.; bonding; you grow fond of nature and hence want to protect it;

CON: swimming can also be done in a pool, therefore they have to be built and this destroys land; maintainance (chlorine, energy)



PRO: no vehicle needed, bonding,

CON: surfing contests are huge, people leave garbage and destroy nature in order to set them up; one has to use the airplane to get to the beaches;


PRO: strong bonding with the horse & nature; natural fertiliser (horse poop);

CON: some people don’t treat horses right; horses destroy and eat plants


PRO: people respect nature
CON: The bases have to be built; nature is destroyed; people leave garbage


PRO: see: running

CONS: see mountain-biking



Georg & Martina


Lisa & Andrej


– the idea of the world as an object floating above a field (ll. 1- 5)

– the geography of the earth (ll. 5- 8)

– the atmosphere and climate ( ll. 8-9)

– the animals on the surface and in the water (ll. 9-11)

– the reaction of the people to the aerth (ll. 11 – 20)


It is a poem, as it has strong imagery; it is divided into lines; it makes use of repetition (opening and closing lines, “people would..”; ll. 5, 7, 9, 11), enumeration (to pray…, to be healed, to gain knowledge, to know beauty and to wonder, ll. 14 – 16).

It is not a poem, as it has no real rhymes; it consists simply of prose sentences divided randomly into lines in a shape.



p. 76 / 2, p. 77 / 6 a + b, 7; read red hints!, p. 78/1+2, check “useful words & phrases” + red hints. Take a look at p. 277 (shape poems)


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