all about science…

Today’s homework:
Please complete pp. 69 / 70 (see below)
p. 71 / 2 a – c + read p. 250!
p. 75 (complete!)
hints on p. 69f:
Partner A’s statements:
1: false. The fuel cell produces energy.
2: true
3: False. In order to tell the difference, you have to look inside.
4: False. You fill the tank at the pump, just like a gas tank.
5: True.
6: False. It is sent to the “traction inverter module”, which turns the wheels.
Partner B’s statements:
1: False. It uses hydrogen to produce energy and water.
2: true
3: False. The electrons pass through an external circuit, which produces the electric current for the car.
4: False. Extracting hydrogen from methane is cheaper.
5: true
6: False. They already provide power for spacecraft and might even power whole cities in the future.
Ex 2:
It would reduce dependence on oil or petroleum, supplies of which are limited; it would eliminate emissions which directly affect health; it would eliminate emissions which contribute to global warming; it would eliminate emissions which damage the ozone layer; it could be cheaper to own and operate. The losers would be oil companies and countries with large oil reserves.
3a) Partizipial-Konstruktionen – bitte schaut euch diese nochmal in den Grammatiken an, wenn ihr die Regeln auffrischen wollt!
The first example contains a participle replacing a relative clause; the second contains a participle describing accompanying circumstances of an action.
“Hydrogen, pumped to the cell’s negatively charged side,…”: past participle replacing a relative clause. It is a past participle because of the passive verb in the relative clause. The construction with a relative clause would be: “Hydrogen, which is pumped…”
“A platinum membrane … to the positive side, thus forcing them…”: past participle describing accompanying cicrumstances.
3b) Hydrogen is pumped to … side, where it divides…
Hydrogen, which is pumped… side, divides…
When hydrogen is pumped…side, it divides…
A platinum membrane… side, which forces…
A platinum membrane… side, which are then forced…
A platinum membrane… side and forces…
The construction can be used to shorten complex sentences, e.g. ones with relative clauses, and so it is more economical. Therefore it is often used in scientific texts, where a lot of information is given in a very dense manner. It can also be used to express the fact that two things are happening at the same time (=> accompanying circumstances) or that one leads to another, which is useful for describing processes, and is common in scientific prose.
4a) I think rats might be controlled from afar by remote control. Scientists might transmit signals which cause the rats to do what the scientists want them to. The signals could, for example, cause the rats to feel pain or pleasure, which could then be used to guide them in a certain direction.
4b) 1b, 2c, 3a, 4d.

p. 242 – end of book: these SKILL PAGES are extremely important for your final exams, so please take some time and go through them during the summer holidays! I can only advise you to study hard and offer you every help there is.


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