today’s class and homework

p. 54: ex. 7:

+ young people can make a difference because they are the adults of tomorrow and if they care about such problems now, they would find solutions in the future.
+ everyone might improve the world a little bit, so young people would do so as well / would contribute to this improvement as well.
+ If you share your knowledge of how to do things in a better way, young people adopt these strategies and they come naturally.

– “Money makes the world go round” – usually, young people don’t have a lot of money.
– young people aren’t interested in the world’s problems.
– young people just want to have fun.
– Power is necessary to change the world.
– they’re simply too young – they’re lacking experience.
– nobody respects their opinion.

Read p. 272: „writing letters“ (ABI!!)
Do p. 55 (auto-corr – you already received the answers, but dedicate some time to it, this is important to improve your style!)
Please start with chapter 3 – revise the vocabulary and take a look at pp. 56 – 66!


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