today’s class & homework

Since we didn’t get a chance to check last time’s homework, please DO IT and bring it with you next time (p. 40 / ex 1 – 3)
We did some exercises on the Reported Speech and I gave you the solutions to the homework from April 27.

Please take special care with the red hints in the book – check the texts in the back because they will help you with the exercises, they explain the tasks and guide you through it.

If you can, please take a look at p. 41, read the text and do 1a) – this will really help you with the topic vocabulary!
We worked on pp. 42 and 43, we managed to do Ex 1 and we worked on ex 2
Possible solutions to ex 2:
Joe is relatively modest:
“To be honest, mixing came quite naturally to me” (1st paragraph); “it was hardly professional” (2nd paragraph); “I was over the moon, but I knew I’d have to stay calm” (4th paragraph); “I just kept on practising” (4th p.); “I got quite nervous” (5th p.); “alongside the real DJ-ing masters like Carl…” (7th p.); “I’m happy just working toward my ambition” (7th p.)
Joe is not so modest:
“I thought I had a chance of doing well because I’m so dedicated” (5th paragraph); “I had a quick chat and he said how impressed he was with me” (6th p.); “When I found out I had won, I wasn’t too shocked as I think I’m good at what I do” (6th p.); “I love it and it shows!” (6th p.); “I gave the crowd what they wanted and everyone went bananas” (6th p.)

As for exercise 3, I will give you some hints. Please take a MONOLINGUAL dictionary (you can borrow mine if you want to) and try to solve this exercise!!
1st paragraph: amp; pretty
2nd p: get the whole dance thing; be over the moon; I guess
5th p: ‘cause; loads
6th p: go bananas

The use of informal and slang words (together with the very straightforward language) make the text sound both cool and chatty. You feel Joe is talking directly to you.

Further HOMEWORK: read the HINTS!
Read p. 44 / do ex. 1, 2, 4, 5.


Beispiel He said, “I am happy.” – He said that he was happy.
Wörtliche Rede Indirekte Rede
Simple Present Simple Past
Present Progressive Past Progressive
Simple Past Past Perfect Simple
Present Perfect Simple
Past Perfect Simple
Past Progressive Past Perfect Progressive
Present Perfect Progressive
Past Perfect Progressive
Future I (going to) was / were going to
Future I (will) Conditional I (would)
Conditional I (would)
Die Verben could, should, would, might, must, needn’t, ought to, used to ändern sich normalerweise nicht.

p. 40ff – important vocabulary – please learn these well!
emergence = appearance = das Auftauchen, das Aufkommen, der Austritt, das Erscheinen
phenomenon = das Phänomen, die Erscheinung
leisure time = die Freizeit
rite of passage => ceremony or event that marks an important stage in sb’s life = der Schritt ins Erwachsenenleben
to provoke a response = Eine Reaktion / Antwort bewirken / auslösen
contradictory = widersprüchlich // contradiction = Widerspruch
a defining moment = a key event = ein Schlüsselereignis
inspire sth = etw. anregen
impact = die Auswirkung
lead the way = führend sein
slow down = nachlassen, abnehmen; auch Nomen
distinct = deutlich, eindeutig
contemporary = zeitgenössisch, zeitgemäß, zeitnah
dull = matt; uninteressant, öde, stumpf
contain sth. = etwas enthalten, umfassen, beinhalten
make a point = ein Argument anbringen, seine Ansicht durchsetzen
relate to sth = etw. mit etw. in Beziehung bringen
revival => process in which sth becomes popular or fashionable again = die Wiederbelebung, die Auferweckung
honest =
keen =
be over the moon =
to get used to sth =
to have a laugh =
to be dedicated to sth =
to have a chat =
down to earth =
wish sb. luck =
in the meantime =
ambition =


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