what we worked on today

Hi guys,
We took a close look on language (p. 37).
Here’s how to say…

1) typical of
2) a symbol of
3) a poem by Larkin
4) on television / TV
5) on the radio
6) at the cinema

1) You agree with sb. on sth: We can agree on that at least. //
We cannot agree with you.
2) Thinking of sth. is sudden, as when sth occurs to you; thinking about is a deliberate act, involving conscious thought over a period of time: I was just thinking of you. // I was thinking about where to go for summer.
3) Looking at sth means you can see it; looking for sth means you are trying to find it. I was looking at that man walking by. // Every morning I have to look for my keys.
4) Asking about sth means trying to get information about that thing; asking for sth means requesting or trying to get that thing.
We could ask the tourist office about the opening times. // There’s somebody on the phone asking for you.

1) Tomorrow we are going to talk about / discuss adoption by gays / gay people.
2) If I ask my brother, he’ll do anything for me.
3) Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
4) My father’s friends rely / depend on him quite a bit.
5) We agree on one thing: family is important.

If you encountered any areas of difficulty that you hadn’t noticed before, please add these to your self-assessment plan of action in your workbook!


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