In case you want to check on the article again:
Hi guys,

Today, I want to talk about earworms! Have fun!



to get rid of sth. = etwas loswerden

annoying = lästig

to get stuck = steckenbleiben

traffic light = Ampel

suddenly = plötzlich

earworms = Ohrwürmer

to plague so = jdn. mit etwas belästigen

an anagram = das Buchstabenrätsel

If you want to know more about anagrams and the like, please check out: http://hello.wordsolver.net/785/words-mixing-it-up

fortunately = glücklicherweise

proliferation = starke Vermehrung

anticipating => to anticipate = etw. erwarten, voraussehen, vorgreifen, vorwegnehmen


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