vocab MW

Hi guys,

I have added the excel file to the dropbox. I also added some vocab. Please learn the words.

You can find the file here.

Deutsch Englisch Bemerkung
Beitrag (Radio TV)/Abschnitt segment
jucken itch
kitzeln tickle
Chaos havoc
Trommelfell ear drum
kratzen scratch
etw. erbrechen to regurgitate
Haushalt household family or group of people living together in a house or flat
überwiegende Mehrzahl vast majority
überwiegen, vorherrschen predominate be larger in number than sth. else
jeweils, entsprechend respectively in the same order as the things mentioned beforehand
Ansteigen der Geburtenzahlen Baby Boom period between 1946 and 1964 when there was an increase in children being born (in the USA)
Prozentanteil percentage share
halbherzig-streng soppy-stern sentimental and strict at the same time
sich in den Haaren liegen at sb’s throat aggressive towards sb
Festlandsockel (Erdkunde) coastal shelf

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