today’s class and homework

p. 31/31 – Households and Families: 1990 and 2000

Homework: p. 29 / 4b
p. 31 / 3 a + b + prepare ex. 4!!
Please check all the red hints and learn them! You will need these for the final exams! Please keep an eye on “useful words and phrases”! They help you to answer the questions and to talk in discussion groups!

1) possible suggestions: – large number of households headed by a man with no wife. Meaning: (please fill in!)
The trend towards people living together without being married increased only slightly.

2) Presenting exact numbers: primarily in the form of a table, but also as a text;
Presenting facts for quick comparison: pie charts
Explaining and interpreting facts: Text
Pie charts, the most user-friendly for a quick impression of relations between numbers, are also the most limited as to what they can present: they are not normally able to transport exact numbers, and they do not explain the reasons behind trends or relationships.


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