Hi guys,

I strongly recommend you to join this free course. It’s about

English Grammar and Essay Writing,

which is very important for your final exams. It won’t hurt you but it’ll surely help.

Please be sure to sign in in the free course, you don’t need the verified certificate which costs at least $ 50 USD.    ( see:  Audit This Course  – Audit this course for free and have complete access to all the course material, activities, tests, and forums. If your work is satisfactory and you abide by the Honor Code, you’ll receive a personalized Honor Code Certificate to showcase your achievement.)

Here’s what it’s about:

And here’s where you can enroll: (you’ll also find this link at the end of the youtube description)

See you on Thursday.

Oh, and please bring the book with you!


homework Jan 29, 2015

Hi guys,

Here’s to repeat today’s homework:
read pages 17 – 19

(if you want to re-read the three sections I read to you today, you can find them in the dropbox)

do ex 10 – 16 – read p. 277
do p. 21 / ex 7 + self-assessment + focus on the mentioned glossary (IMPORTANT for the next test!!)

Homework due on Feb 9:
p. 22 / ex 3
see pages 242, 243, 266, 284-286
do ex 4a –> we will do 4b in class on Feb 9 !!

for your information – free online course

Hi guys,

I guess I have already recommended this English course to you.

Today, I received an e-mail which I want to pass on to you:

We wish to make you aware that the British Council English language courses focused on the FCE or First Certificate Exam in English will be withdrawn for free access via the ALISON free learning platform at the end of January 2015. The British Council has decided that it now wishes to charge for access to these courses worldwide and hence, free access can no longer be provided. We regret that we must withdraw these resources, but we are grateful to the British Council for providing these courses to our learners for the past five years.

As of February 1st 2015, we will not be accepting new learners for these resources. We will, however, be allowing all learners registered on the courses 3 months to complete the courses, and a record of completion will remain as part of your ALISON learner record.

Should you wish to study this British Council English suite of courses, please register / start studying these courses before the end of the month. You may wish to inform your friends and contacts about the withdrawal of these courses via email, your blog or your Facebook account so that they may have the same opportunity as you have to study.

Finally, you will be aware that ALISON has an ever increasing portfolio of excellent English language resources across our free learning platform. Please take time to review these resources in the coming weeks. Over one million students study English on ALISON every year and that number is set to grow rapidly.

Yours in Free Learning,

ALISON Publishing

So, if you want to access the course without paying, you have to subscribe within January. Think about it. It’s free and you’ll receive a certificate in the end!

Have a nice day!

profiles for penpals

Hi guys,

As I’ve already told you, I’ve been trying to set up contacts with natives for you in order to improve your English.

I have placed a document for you. Please complete it (if you can, including a photo) and send it to me by mail. If you are able to do so, please convert your completed profile into a pdf document before sending it to me. I will collect all your profiles and will then pass them to my colleague. She will hand it out to her students and they will contact you.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me!

Please send the document within two weeks so I can forward the whole bunch at once.

Thanks. See you in class!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a jpeg for you!

Hi guys,

Happy 2015!

To get a fresh start, I wanted to spice up vocabulary with this picture: Just click on the link and scroll down:

It’s about organic food in the US. I don’t want to advertise this one in particular, but it’s a nice page and the jpeg of the fruit and veggies is super-easy and graphic.

Plus, if you spend some more time there, you’ll find the free Home Cook Breakfast Book (pdf to download for free) with 10 pages of recipes. But I’m not sure if this is very interesting or if it serves you. But it surely won’t do any harm.

Okay, so… I hope you had a nice Christmas, a super-fantastic New Year’s Eve and …

See you soon!   🙂