Please get these books & happy holidays!

Hi guys,

For those who couldn’t make it to our last class:

Please take a look at the dropbox-folder, I placed a pdf on Heart of Darkness with tasks you should do. We did some of them in class, but since you weren’t there, it’s important that you work on those questions. Some of the questions are homework for all students, so please do all of them.

Then, I’d ask you to get these books:

New Context – Ausgabe B (Achtung, sehr wichtig!! Unbedingt “Ausgabe B”!) vom Cornelsen Verlag:
ISBN 978-3-464-36018-7 (Schulbuch) sowie das zweite Buch:
ISBN 978-3-464-36020-0 (Language and Skills Trainer – with Self-assessment Sheets + Answer Key)
We will start with them in January. You can get a used copy or a new one, that’s up to you. Just make sure you have the “B” for “Bavaria”.
I will put the answers of the grammar exercises into the dropbox-folder as well, so if you want to check your answers, you’ll find it all there.
If there are any questions left, please feel free to contact me.
And now, there’s only one thing left that I can do and that is to wish you
Happy holidays!
See you in 2015!

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