reminder, homework & solutions

Last reminder: Heart of Darkness is due on December 17! We will talk about it in class and work with the book, so please be prepared!

Here’s an exercise with solutions on graphs which I find quite good:
Solutions to the graphs sheet (homework):
Go up: increase, climb, lift, rise
Go down: fall, decrease, drop, decline
The graphs:
From top to bottom:
1st: At first, this graph increases sharply, then decreases sharply, afterwards it increases slightly / goes up a little, turns, so it decreases slightly and increases slightly / goes up a little in the end.
2nd: This graph increases sharply
3rd: This graph increases slightly / goes up a little.
4th: This graph stays the same.
5th: This graph decreases slightly or fluctuates.
6th: This graph drops sharply or fluctuates.
First graph: 3 – 2
Costs have been rising sharply for the last year. In the next few years costs will decrease slightly.
Second graph: 5 – 4 – 1
Profits have remained steady for the last six months. I think profits will drop for the next two months. Then profits will increase sharply for the rest of the year.

HOMEWORK: From the sheets I handed out last time (ABITURPRÜFUNG 2014), I want you to read Textaufgabe I “The New American Super-Family” (pp. 5/7 and 6/7). Andrej, please list the vocabulary from this text and only this text, not the second one!
Then, please read “Aufgaben zu Text I, part B: Questions on the text”. Please do the first task.
Tasks two and three will be left for later on. Please hand in your work on December 17, our last lesson before the winter holidays.

Further help for HoD:

p. 108 / 23
– reporting verbs: say, tell, explain, report, mention, add, think, protest, …
– no comma, no question marks
– that is often left out
– change of pronouns and phrases of time and place
– no change of tenses when the reporting verb is in the present or present perfect
– backshift of tenses, when the reporting verb is in the simple past:
will-future -> conditional I
present perfect –> past perfect
simple present -> simple past
simple past -> past perfect
– would, could, should and might stay the same
– no question mark; word order: subject – verb; indirect questions without question word start with if / whether
– commands, requests and advice in reported speech are reported by a verb, eg. ask, tell, advise + to-infinitive
– suggestions in reported speech are reported by suggest + ing – form.


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