class of Dec 4, 2014

If you want to hand in your work on “From camel mail to e-mail”, you can do so until January 2015. Afterwards, I will no longer accept it. I handed out this homework in October 2014.

Abiprüfung 2014 – Vokabeln
to exemplify = beispielhaft zeigen, durch ein Beispiel erläutern
benefit = Nutzen; to benefit = jdn. begünstigen / aus etw. Nutzen ziehen
benefit X disadvantage = loss ( = Nachteil, Einbuße, Verlust)
benefit = advantage = profit = gain
to outline = skizzieren, umreissen
to abolish = aufheben, abschaffen
to abolish = to suppress
conceivable = denkbar, absehbar, vorstellbar
conceivable = imaginable
exculpatory = rechtfertigend, entlastend
exculpatory = pretending to be innocent
wad = Bündel
gristle = Knorpel
wad of gristle = lump of meat that is hard to chew
to run a stop sign = to fail to stop at a stop sign = ein Stoppschild überfahren
dashboard = part of the car in front of the driver = Armaturenbrett, Instrumententafel

The New American Super-Family:
gentle = sanft
gentle = soft
to hit hard = zuschlagen
property taxes = Grundsteuer
to soar = emporschnellen
to be laid off -> to lay so. off = entlassen werden
= to be fired = to be let go = to get sacked (coll!) = to get fired (coll!)
successful X unsuccessful
unsuccessfull = fruitless = futile = in vain
premium [finance/insurance] = Beitrag; Aufschlag
down payment = Anzahlun g, Teilzahlung, Barzahlung; Abschlagszahlung
circumstance = Umstand
chores = assignments = housework = Arbeit, Aufgabe, Hausarbeit
to be soothing = beruhigend sein
soothing = calming = reassuring = alleviating = comforting (= beruhigend)
self-sufficient = autark, unabhängig
= self-supporting, self-sustaining = to be able to take care of oneself


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