Linkempfehlung: kostenloser Englischkurs online

Hi guys,

I wanted to share this ALISON-course with you. It’s completely for free and you can even get a certificate in the end. I hope it’s not too boring for you, but I think it trains you well for the final exams! Unfortunately, you cannot speed up the videos – if it’s too slow for you (I almost snoozed away…), just click a bit ahead. It’s estimated that it’ll take you six to ten hours to finish the course – that’s not too much to ask for, I think. Just try it, maybe it’ll help you.

Here’s the link. As always, I don’t gain anything, this is just the plain link to the course. It is you who are able to gain something: knowledge, the most precious good of all.

If you feel as if you’re up to something a bit more challenging, here you go:

This is supposedly your level. But this course is longer but with better structure. Personally, I prefer this one to the other. Give it a try!

Take care!

See you in 2015!


Please get these books & happy holidays!

Hi guys,

For those who couldn’t make it to our last class:

Please take a look at the dropbox-folder, I placed a pdf on Heart of Darkness with tasks you should do. We did some of them in class, but since you weren’t there, it’s important that you work on those questions. Some of the questions are homework for all students, so please do all of them.

Then, I’d ask you to get these books:

New Context – Ausgabe B (Achtung, sehr wichtig!! Unbedingt “Ausgabe B”!) vom Cornelsen Verlag:
ISBN 978-3-464-36018-7 (Schulbuch) sowie das zweite Buch:
ISBN 978-3-464-36020-0 (Language and Skills Trainer – with Self-assessment Sheets + Answer Key)
We will start with them in January. You can get a used copy or a new one, that’s up to you. Just make sure you have the “B” for “Bavaria”.
I will put the answers of the grammar exercises into the dropbox-folder as well, so if you want to check your answers, you’ll find it all there.
If there are any questions left, please feel free to contact me.
And now, there’s only one thing left that I can do and that is to wish you
Happy holidays!
See you in 2015!

reminder, homework & solutions

Last reminder: Heart of Darkness is due on December 17! We will talk about it in class and work with the book, so please be prepared!

Here’s an exercise with solutions on graphs which I find quite good:
Solutions to the graphs sheet (homework):
Go up: increase, climb, lift, rise
Go down: fall, decrease, drop, decline
The graphs:
From top to bottom:
1st: At first, this graph increases sharply, then decreases sharply, afterwards it increases slightly / goes up a little, turns, so it decreases slightly and increases slightly / goes up a little in the end.
2nd: This graph increases sharply
3rd: This graph increases slightly / goes up a little.
4th: This graph stays the same.
5th: This graph decreases slightly or fluctuates.
6th: This graph drops sharply or fluctuates.
First graph: 3 – 2
Costs have been rising sharply for the last year. In the next few years costs will decrease slightly.
Second graph: 5 – 4 – 1
Profits have remained steady for the last six months. I think profits will drop for the next two months. Then profits will increase sharply for the rest of the year.

HOMEWORK: From the sheets I handed out last time (ABITURPRÜFUNG 2014), I want you to read Textaufgabe I “The New American Super-Family” (pp. 5/7 and 6/7). Andrej, please list the vocabulary from this text and only this text, not the second one!
Then, please read “Aufgaben zu Text I, part B: Questions on the text”. Please do the first task.
Tasks two and three will be left for later on. Please hand in your work on December 17, our last lesson before the winter holidays.

Further help for HoD:

p. 108 / 23
– reporting verbs: say, tell, explain, report, mention, add, think, protest, …
– no comma, no question marks
– that is often left out
– change of pronouns and phrases of time and place
– no change of tenses when the reporting verb is in the present or present perfect
– backshift of tenses, when the reporting verb is in the simple past:
will-future -> conditional I
present perfect –> past perfect
simple present -> simple past
simple past -> past perfect
– would, could, should and might stay the same
– no question mark; word order: subject – verb; indirect questions without question word start with if / whether
– commands, requests and advice in reported speech are reported by a verb, eg. ask, tell, advise + to-infinitive
– suggestions in reported speech are reported by suggest + ing – form.

class of Dec 4, 2014

If you want to hand in your work on “From camel mail to e-mail”, you can do so until January 2015. Afterwards, I will no longer accept it. I handed out this homework in October 2014.

Abiprüfung 2014 – Vokabeln
to exemplify = beispielhaft zeigen, durch ein Beispiel erläutern
benefit = Nutzen; to benefit = jdn. begünstigen / aus etw. Nutzen ziehen
benefit X disadvantage = loss ( = Nachteil, Einbuße, Verlust)
benefit = advantage = profit = gain
to outline = skizzieren, umreissen
to abolish = aufheben, abschaffen
to abolish = to suppress
conceivable = denkbar, absehbar, vorstellbar
conceivable = imaginable
exculpatory = rechtfertigend, entlastend
exculpatory = pretending to be innocent
wad = Bündel
gristle = Knorpel
wad of gristle = lump of meat that is hard to chew
to run a stop sign = to fail to stop at a stop sign = ein Stoppschild überfahren
dashboard = part of the car in front of the driver = Armaturenbrett, Instrumententafel

The New American Super-Family:
gentle = sanft
gentle = soft
to hit hard = zuschlagen
property taxes = Grundsteuer
to soar = emporschnellen
to be laid off -> to lay so. off = entlassen werden
= to be fired = to be let go = to get sacked (coll!) = to get fired (coll!)
successful X unsuccessful
unsuccessfull = fruitless = futile = in vain
premium [finance/insurance] = Beitrag; Aufschlag
down payment = Anzahlun g, Teilzahlung, Barzahlung; Abschlagszahlung
circumstance = Umstand
chores = assignments = housework = Arbeit, Aufgabe, Hausarbeit
to be soothing = beruhigend sein
soothing = calming = reassuring = alleviating = comforting (= beruhigend)
self-sufficient = autark, unabhängig
= self-supporting, self-sustaining = to be able to take care of oneself