Regelung Abiturprüfung

Hallo zusammen,

Hier findet ihr ganz genau, was in der Prüfung alles verlangt wird und wie der Erwartungshorizont aussieht. Wir nähern uns dem vierten Semester, also langsam ist Halbzeit.

Wenn wir alle fleißig üben und nicht nachlassen, packt ihr das!


kleine Linksammlung für euch

Linksammlung Englisch für euch

On this web page you will find manifold information and help in order to better your English! Give it a try and check it from time to time.

At the left-hand side, there are also links to intermediate as well as advanced levels – all three are adequate for you!

This homepage collects a lot of material, all in English. Very good explanations and examples.

Here you can find a lot of texts and exercises on grammar. You may want to use the search function in order to find quickly what you’re looking for.

If you want to get better at typing AND boost your English, you should try this typing game:

solutions and homework

Hi guys,
Here’s what we agreed to on our tasks:
p. 18 2a) The newspaper article is a news story from a quality paper. It is about a court case in Washington DC, but also includes background information. It uses a lot of complex language, and strictly separates fact from opinion.
p. 19 2b)
1) editorial in a quality paper; clear opinion, but not personal; complex language
2) column in quality (or popular) paper; personal opinion (1st person: me)
3) editorial in a popular payer; simple vocabulary / syntax
4) human interest story in popular paper about one person’s situation, easy vocab & syntax

p. 69/2
and please finish your work on the “camel”-text, thanks!