Text “The Fate of our Planet”

The Fate of our Planet
Absatz 1-3 bereits gemacht.
4) a) The author describes the negative impact on our planet, especially on our buildings. // The author forecasts problems with waste and expanding fires, damaged constructions and an increase of ground water.
b) The author thinks that nature will take over after all.
5) a) This paragraph is about how animals would react if humankind disappeared. Some animals would suffer, some would benefit.
b) The author is surprised that not all kinds of animals would survive since they became dependent on mankind.
6) a) Nature would take over again within 500 years.
b) He believes that nature would regain its hold on Earth.
To obliterate = auslöschen, ausmerzen
Inexorably = unaufhaltsam, unerbittlich
7) a) Nature might evolve and develop organisms that could even process plastics, thus eliminating mankind’s last and hardest remains.
b) The author is astonished on how nature develops and he thinks that every creation of humankind can be eliminated by nature. // Nature can evolve to the point that every human creation can be undone.
impervious = dicht, undurchdringbar
resilient = belastbar, unverwüstlich
eventually = in the end, after all
reliable = zuverlässig
to digest = verdauen
8) a) There are already proofs that nature gains back its power on strips of land that are prohibited to touch or enter.
b) The author is with Weisman and states proofs that nature would regain its power.
Newspaper: (watch your pronounciation)
method, to be issued, fairly common, previously,

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