Text “The Fate of our Planet”

The Fate of our Planet
Absatz 1-3 bereits gemacht.
4) a) The author describes the negative impact on our planet, especially on our buildings. // The author forecasts problems with waste and expanding fires, damaged constructions and an increase of ground water.
b) The author thinks that nature will take over after all.
5) a) This paragraph is about how animals would react if humankind disappeared. Some animals would suffer, some would benefit.
b) The author is surprised that not all kinds of animals would survive since they became dependent on mankind.
6) a) Nature would take over again within 500 years.
b) He believes that nature would regain its hold on Earth.
To obliterate = auslöschen, ausmerzen
Inexorably = unaufhaltsam, unerbittlich
7) a) Nature might evolve and develop organisms that could even process plastics, thus eliminating mankind’s last and hardest remains.
b) The author is astonished on how nature develops and he thinks that every creation of humankind can be eliminated by nature. // Nature can evolve to the point that every human creation can be undone.
impervious = dicht, undurchdringbar
resilient = belastbar, unverwüstlich
eventually = in the end, after all
reliable = zuverlässig
to digest = verdauen
8) a) There are already proofs that nature gains back its power on strips of land that are prohibited to touch or enter.
b) The author is with Weisman and states proofs that nature would regain its power.
Newspaper: (watch your pronounciation)
method, to be issued, fairly common, previously,

an alle “Lesefaulen”

Hallo zusammen,

ihr wisst, bis 15. Dezember müsst ihr “Heart of Darkness” gelesen haben. Wer sich schwer tut oder gerne eine Unterstützung, einen “Vorleser” haben möchte, dem kann ich zwei Tipps geben:

1) Das Buch wurde vertont. Es ist in Youtube auch leicht zu finden…

2) http://balabolka.softonic.de/

Das ist ein kostenloses Programm, das euch viele Dateiformate vorliest. Man kann auch Text reinkopieren und es liest vor. Es sind mehrere Stimmen vorstinalliert, nicht nur Englisch und Deutsch.

Vielleicht hilft euch das.

Viele Grüße

newspapers online – don’t forget this ongoing task!

Hi guys,

I wanted to remind you that you have to read an article each week before class. Please, don’t forget to read something.

In case you’ve forgotten all about it, here’s what I presented to you:
I want you to check english newspapers on regular basis. Not only to improve your English, but also to get the needed insight on today’s politics, what’s happening around the world and how other contries perceive the situation.

You can chose your own, but here are some tips:






These are all available for free online, there’s no need to buy anything.

And here’s the deal:

Pick an article you find interesting each week before class, read it carefully, so you can sum up what you’ve read in class!

We are going to practice it before we start.


PLUS: The article I chose and prepared for you:

14 September 2014 Last updated at 21:51 GMT

Brazil builds giant Amazon observation tower

The Amazon rainforest is responsible for absorbing tonnes of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

Construction has begun on a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon basin to monitor climate change.

The Amazon Tall Tower Observatory is expected to rise 325m from the ground.

Its instruments will gather data on greenhouse gases, aerosol particles and the weather in one of the largest continuous rain forests on the planet.

Brazilian and German scientists hope to use the data to better understand sources of greenhouse gases and answer questions on climate change.

The tower is being constructed out of steel that was brought thousands of kilometres from the south of Brazil to the site, about 160km (100 miles) from the Amazonian city of Manaus.

Because of its height, the tower will make it possible to investigate the alteration and movement of air masses through the forest over a distance of several hundred kilometres.

“The measurement point is widely without direct human influence, and therefore ideal to investigate the meaning of the forest region for the chemistry and physics of the atmosphere,” said Jurgen Kesselmeier, the project coordinator for the German side, quoted on the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz website.

The Amazon jungle is one of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems, with a powerful influence on the intake and release of carbon into the atmosphere.

“The tower will help us answer innumerable questions related to global climate change,” said Paulo Artaxo, from the University of Sao Paulo.

The tower will be integrated into an existing structure of smaller measuring towers in the region.

When finished, it will complement a similar observatory built in 2006 that already stands in Central Siberia.

Eingefügt aus <http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-29199728>

First, you should read this article in order to get an overview.

Second, you should go through it again, checking for vocabulary you find interesting or you don’t know yet – highlight it and put it into your list.

It could look like this:

observation Beobachtung, Überwachung
basin Becken
greenhouse gases Treibhausgase
alteration Veränderung
to quote zitieren
to integrate integrieren, einbinden

Third, you should sum up the essence of the article in your own words. Give it a try!

What’s the topic? What’s the main statement? What’s special? What’s it for?

If possible, apply the “5 W”-rule:

Who – What – When – Where – Why ?

Who is it about?

What happened?

When did it take place?

Where did it happen?

Why did it happen?

It is useful if you know how to use the passive voice.

Here’s an example on how the summary could look like:

An observation tower is being built in the Amazon rainforest in order to observe greenhouse gases and the climate change. It’s being installed right now, in Brasil. Scientists want to gather information.

That’s it! It isn’t that hard, is it?

Offtopic: Für alle, die unter “Aufschieberitis” leiden

Good afternoon,

Since I noticed that at least some of you suffer from always postponing work, I wanted to suggest you taking part in this MOOC:


This is an online course (it’s free! – and it’s in German!) that explains why you put off work and how to better your situation. I am also taking part in this course and have learnt a lot by now. Maybe it can help you as well.

There’s no pressure – if you think this is boring or simply too much, I won’t judge. It was just an idea on how I could help you. Some of the techniques are pretty good and maybe you didn’t know they existed.

Have a nice day!