today’s class – July 28, 2014


to determine / determination / to be determined
country (!)
to delay = to postpone
GB = Great Britain
15 %
33 / 35 / 37
e.g. = for example (e.g. = exempli gratia (LAT))
to receive
MP = Members of Parliament
a decade = 10 years = eine Dekade

Text: What Teens Get About the Internet That Parets Don’t
abundance , something is abundant = it is available plentiful, manifold // Abundanz; reichlich vorhanden sein
tuition or tuition fees = Studiengebühren
debt [det] = Schulden
student loan debt = Studienkredit
to rely on = sich verlassen auf // to rely on sth = sich auf etwas verlassen
I rely on you = Ich verlasse mich auf dich.
genuine = original = echt; original; ehrlich
to immerse = eintauchen
a schedule = a timetable
MOOCS = massive open online courses

Verstärkung: I do question…
Resume, auch: resumé or resumee = CV = curriculum vitae = Lebenslauf

See you again in fall!


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