today’s class – July 28, 2014


to determine / determination / to be determined
country (!)
to delay = to postpone
GB = Great Britain
15 %
33 / 35 / 37
e.g. = for example (e.g. = exempli gratia (LAT))
to receive
MP = Members of Parliament
a decade = 10 years = eine Dekade

Text: What Teens Get About the Internet That Parets Don’t
abundance , something is abundant = it is available plentiful, manifold // Abundanz; reichlich vorhanden sein
tuition or tuition fees = Studiengebühren
debt [det] = Schulden
student loan debt = Studienkredit
to rely on = sich verlassen auf // to rely on sth = sich auf etwas verlassen
I rely on you = Ich verlasse mich auf dich.
genuine = original = echt; original; ehrlich
to immerse = eintauchen
a schedule = a timetable
MOOCS = massive open online courses

Verstärkung: I do question…
Resume, auch: resumé or resumee = CV = curriculum vitae = Lebenslauf

See you again in fall!


class of July 22, 2014 + homework

Hi guys,
Today, we heard about the Social Structure of Britain (thanks to Martina Waldbauer!) and we wrote an essay based on a comic strip and the adjacent question.


Please pick (at least) one of the 25 topics and write another essay. If you feel insecure, you can find manifold instructions and explanations on how to write a (good) essay, even youtube-video guides.
If you want, you can hand in your essay by mail or as a comment here – I would be delighted if you tried that.

& today’s blog entry we talked about:

IPA phonetic symbols

Hi guys,

Here’s to help you type the symbols on your computer if you want to create vocab cards with “how to say” phonetic translation:


I know, I’m mean – it’s all in English! But I’m sure you’ll work it out!


This pdf shows you how to create these AutoCorrections in word (it should work in Excel as well) – it’s more work than my next suggestion, but that’s just once and then you’re good to go.




You can copy & paste (STRG+C // STRG+V) the symbols.


See you next week!

homework, July 7 + REMINDER: HANDOUT

Hi guys,

Please don’t forget the HANDOUTS – we’re short on time! I really need to receive your handouts asap – deadline: NEXT WEEK (July 19 at the LATEST!!) !!



reading comprehension + writing (sheet)

1 essay (see end of “essay” sheet)


homework until beginning of next semester: Mixed Grammar sheets (A5)

You can always hand in work early.

solutions, p. 163 / Unit 81 – Exercises & HOMEWORK

Please, don’t forget to do your homework (handed out in class) – the two exercises where you have to fill in the missing information in the texts. Thank you.


Solutions, p. 163 / Unit 81 – Exercises



3) your friend’s umbrella?

4) OK

5) Charles‘ daughter

6) Mary and Dan’s son?

7) OK

8) yesterday’s newspaper?

9) this street’s name?

10) OK

11) your children’s friends

12) Our neighbours’ garden

13) OK

14) Bill’s hair

15) Catherine’s party.

16) OK

17) Mike’s parents’ car?    (Check A & B)

18) OK

19) with the government’s economic policy?



2) a boy’s name

3) children’s clothes

4) girls’ school

5) a bird’s nest

6) a women’s magazine



2) Last week’s storm caused a lot of damage.

3) The town’s only cinema…

4) Britain’s weather is very changeable.

5) The region’s main industry is tourism.



2) So it’s (a) 20 minutes’ walk

3) So I’ve got two weeks’ holiday.

4) I only had one hour’s sleep.