class of June 5, 2014

James Cook

1 moved 2 spent 3 developed 4 travelled 5 found 6 was serving 7 had 8 had ended 9 took 10 went 11 was mapping 12 observed 13 sent 14 won 15 had published 16 asked 17 put 18 went on 19 reached 20 had visited 21 had mapped 22 sailed 23 named 24 reminded 25 had returned 26 hired 27 discovered 28 went 29 made 30 proved 31 did not exist 32 took 33 tried 34 could not pass 35 forced 36 had discovered 37 were resting 38 stole 39 tried 40 broke out 41 stabbed






Discussion topics:

1)      If you want to work, you can work. There’s no need to be unemployed.

2)      Football only creates violence.

3)      All trains and busses [(also: buses)[ should be free for everyone.

4)      Smokers should pay their own hospital bills.

5)      Males and females have equal rights, so what’s the problem?

6)      Schools should be more strict if you don’t work or don’t do homework.

7)      (Soft) drugs should be legalized.

HOMEWORK: Please do research on 5) and 7) – we will talk about these next time in class!

Please repeat your discussion vocabulary and the basics we learned the past weeks. Pick the ones that most suit you and train and memorize them.

I would also like to ask you to repeat your grammar – if you have difficulties, go through the basics.

Here are some pages that surely will help you: or  or or


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