Fairway, class of May 19, 2014

p. 59 / 5a)

doctor: He has to be careful, concentrated, friendly, honest, quiet,

mechanic: A mechanic has to be careful, practical, creative, passioned,

secretary: She has to be tidy and friendly and nice.

teacher: A teacher has to be clever, extatic, friendly and patient and nice.

sportsman: He has to have a nice body, he has to be fit and he has to have good shoes and clothes and he has to be social.

web designer: He has to be creative, careful, talented.


p. 62, 2a)

Dear Anne,

Just a quick e-mail to say I’m arriving on Friday 12th at about 3 pm. Is there any chance you can meet me at the airport? Don’t worry if you are busy – I can get a taxi. See you soon – I can’t wait. Love, Ingrid.

3a): 1: true (Please bring lots of photos) // 2: true (I’ve got a really important meeting) // 3: false (my best friend Tracy) // 4: false (So you won’t need to get a taxi) // 5: true (She’s really friendly) // 6: false (I’ll take you out for dinner)                  ——>           Das will-future wird benutzt, um über die ZUKUNFT zu sprechen.

p. 64 – 4a) picture 1 is Tracy

Grammar revision: p. 64 and p. 236 / 3



p. 63 / 3a

p. 64/ 4a+b

pp. 65+66


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