ABI: Guidelines for guided writing

Hi guys,
Here are some tips for you:
1) Content
Each prompt given has to be fully elaborated => 3 items for each prompt, i.e.:
Prompt: where?
I met him at a restaurant in Munich (1). The restaurant was nicely furnished with expensive paintings on the wall (2). A wide range of high-quality meals (3) was offered there.
2) Cohesion / coherence
Make sure that your guided writing is logically structured, that is to say that the reader is following a clear and logical structure and the sentences are connected by conjunctions.
i.e. I simply have to see him, because I still have got his book about Albert Einstein that I have borrowed since Tuesday. He needs it now, as he is writing a report about this scientist in school. Therefore I want to give it back.
3) Vocabulary
Try to use your full range of vocab … Avoid using the same noun or verb twice – try to find other words with a similar meaning. Make your guided writing vivid (=lebendig) and a pleasure to read by using adverbs, adjectives and idioms.
i.e. My grandmother used to work in her garden.
> My old grandmother used to potter around (= herumwerkeln im Garten) in her nicely structured garden with lots of colourful flowers. I will never forget this delicious smell of all those beautiful roses, lilac (= Flieder) and lavender (= Lavendel).
4) Grammar
Show off with your range of grammar knowledge! Try to use as many different structures as possible, i.e.
– if-clauses
– participle structures (present/ past)
– reported speech
– passive voice
– tenses
If you follow these guidelines you will have good chances to get a good effect on the reader.

Good luck & every success to you!


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