ABI class of May 22, 2014

ABI class of May 22, 2014

Basic writing skills / Basic 18: Paraphrasing

Exercise 1

1)      Winning is so important that nothing else matters. // There’s no other option than winning.

2)      Writing is putting thoughts on paper. // When I write, my thoughts are transformed into the words I produce.

3)      There’s a better word for our planet than calling it Earth; it should be Ocean. // The surface of the planet Earth has much more water than land, therefore it got the wrong name.

4)      You get the best sleep when you’re really tired. // If you’re tired enough, you’ll sleep well.

5)      A misinformation is transported way faster than the truth. // False statements seem to spread much faster than true ones.

6)      If you create something spectacular, everyone will stand in lines to get it. // If you invent something useful, you will be successful / popular.

7)      If it’s getting too hard / difficult for you, step back. // If you clearly see you can’t do it, stop trying. // If you can’t endure the stress of the job, you have the wrong one.

8)      It is worse to be silly than to be cold-hearted. // Being cruel is bad, being stupid is worse. // The only thing worse than unkindness is stupidity.

9)      Never act when you’re really angry because you will do stupid things. // If you’re angry, you won’t be able to think clearly.

10)   Young people are always bored and don’t know what to do with their lifes, the older ones in contrary would know so many things to do but they’re lacking time. // You don’t appreciate being young until you are old, and then it’s too late.

Exercise 2

1)      Low-level education, basic skills formation, adequate for those who seek mostly physical and / or simpler jobs. // This is the lowest-level secondary school in Germany, which has students from grades 5 to 9 and qualifies its graduates for apprenticeships.

2)      Intermediate-level education, more profound formation, adequate for those who wish to work as doctor’s assistant or secretary and so on. // This is the mid-level secondary school, with students in grades 5 to 10 who can gain qualifications to go on to apprenticeships or further education.

3)      High-level education, broad and profound formation; permission to go to university // This is the highest level This is the highest level secondary school, taking students from grades 5 to 12, and qualifying its graduates for all forms of higher education as well as apprenticeships.

4)      If you’re catholic, you have to pay these kind of taxes to remain in the catholic community. // It is a special tax that the government collects from members of a church and then passes on to that church.

5)      There are laws telling shop owners when they have to close the shops and when they have to remain closed, i.e. on Sundays. This law is for protecting both employees and customers, further: family and private life. // This is a federal law which determines when different kinds of shops all over the country are allowed to be open.

6)      There are laws that cleary state who’s next in turn to be heir. If the deceased hasn’t written a last will and testament, theses laws take action and regulate on how the possessions shall be distributed. // It is what federal law determines with respect to the inheritance that people are legally entitled to, for example what children have a right to demand from the estate of their parents.

HOMEWORK: Paraphrase two proverbs / sayings. Please also state the original phrase. Thank you.





ABI class of May 19, 2014

Since we dedicated the whole class to our if-clauses, our homework will be to write a short essay using conditional clauses.

You’re totally free on the topic, just imagine “WHAT IF…”

You are allowed to create a fairy tale like “The Cat and the Mouse” or to write an e-mail to a penpal with thoughts on your future or past saying “what if…”, i.e.: What if I won the lottery? If I won the lottery, I’d buy a million things. I’d go on a boat trip and build a house on an island somewhere far away. And what if I met a nice girl / boy there? I would start a family and live happily ever after.


Something like that. Just give it a try.

The essay should have roundabout 80 to 120 words.

Please hand it in on Thursday. Thank you.

Fairway, class of May 19, 2014

p. 59 / 5a)

doctor: He has to be careful, concentrated, friendly, honest, quiet,

mechanic: A mechanic has to be careful, practical, creative, passioned,

secretary: She has to be tidy and friendly and nice.

teacher: A teacher has to be clever, extatic, friendly and patient and nice.

sportsman: He has to have a nice body, he has to be fit and he has to have good shoes and clothes and he has to be social.

web designer: He has to be creative, careful, talented.


p. 62, 2a)

Dear Anne,

Just a quick e-mail to say I’m arriving on Friday 12th at about 3 pm. Is there any chance you can meet me at the airport? Don’t worry if you are busy – I can get a taxi. See you soon – I can’t wait. Love, Ingrid.

3a): 1: true (Please bring lots of photos) // 2: true (I’ve got a really important meeting) // 3: false (my best friend Tracy) // 4: false (So you won’t need to get a taxi) // 5: true (She’s really friendly) // 6: false (I’ll take you out for dinner)                  ——>           Das will-future wird benutzt, um über die ZUKUNFT zu sprechen.

p. 64 – 4a) picture 1 is Tracy

Grammar revision: p. 64 and p. 236 / 3



p. 63 / 3a

p. 64/ 4a+b

pp. 65+66

home education / home schooling essays

Hi guys,

Here are some interesting essays on our topic; please read them and get back to me if you have any questions!






Is Home Schooling a Better System of Education

ABI: Guidelines for guided writing

Hi guys,
Here are some tips for you:
1) Content
Each prompt given has to be fully elaborated => 3 items for each prompt, i.e.:
Prompt: where?
I met him at a restaurant in Munich (1). The restaurant was nicely furnished with expensive paintings on the wall (2). A wide range of high-quality meals (3) was offered there.
2) Cohesion / coherence
Make sure that your guided writing is logically structured, that is to say that the reader is following a clear and logical structure and the sentences are connected by conjunctions.
i.e. I simply have to see him, because I still have got his book about Albert Einstein that I have borrowed since Tuesday. He needs it now, as he is writing a report about this scientist in school. Therefore I want to give it back.
3) Vocabulary
Try to use your full range of vocab … Avoid using the same noun or verb twice – try to find other words with a similar meaning. Make your guided writing vivid (=lebendig) and a pleasure to read by using adverbs, adjectives and idioms.
i.e. My grandmother used to work in her garden.
> My old grandmother used to potter around (= herumwerkeln im Garten) in her nicely structured garden with lots of colourful flowers. I will never forget this delicious smell of all those beautiful roses, lilac (= Flieder) and lavender (= Lavendel).
4) Grammar
Show off with your range of grammar knowledge! Try to use as many different structures as possible, i.e.
– if-clauses
– participle structures (present/ past)
– reported speech
– passive voice
– tenses
If you follow these guidelines you will have good chances to get a good effect on the reader.

Good luck & every success to you!