fairway class of April 7, 2014

p. 49 / 5b

1) What’s the city which had the Olympic Games in 2000? – I think it’s Athens.

2) Who was the man who wrote „Auld Lang Syne“? – It’s Robert Burns!

3) Who’s the woman who started “The Body Shop”? –

4) Which country won the football World Cup in 2002? – It’s Brazil!

5) Who are the people that found DNA? – They are called Crick and Watson.

6) Who was the first man who walked on the moon? – I think it was Neil Armstrong.


GAME: “Famous dead people” – 20 questions

1)      You think of a famous dead person, but you don’t tell the name. Your partner then has got 20 questions to ask you, you answer him, without telling the name.

2)      If your partner guesses the name within 20 questions, he or she wins, if not – you win! Alternative: instead of granting 20 questions, you can pick one person to think of someone famous and the others are the opponents. One begins to ask questions and is allowed to continue until he gets a “no” as an answer – then the next one is allowed to ask questions until he gets a “no” and so on. The one who’s got the correct answer wins and can choose the next person.



When I go to my dining room, there’s a big table. On there, there is a lot of food. I am so hungry, but I cannot sit down… why? I don’t have a…… CHAIR!


I have many pairs of it. …….. SHOES! // EARRINGS // SOCKS


You can buy it every morning, or somebody brings it to your flat. It’s possible to find the latest and up-to-date news in this object – a NEWSPAPER!


People always use it. You can carry it with you or you can put it onto the table or hang it on the wall. It has two names in English, but they mean the same. A clock or a watch.


It lives in the garden. It’s a small red beetle with small black spots. It’s a ladybug!


Children use it before they learn to ride a bike, so they can’t fall over. Tricycle!


You can relax while travelling with it. You can eat, drink or sleep during travel. It doesn’t go on the street. A TRAIN!


Everybody needs it every day. It’s the elixir of life. Our body is about 60 % of it. – WATER!


Don’t let the bedbug bite you!



We definitely won’t need it today, but a good English gentlemen never leave the house without it –






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