class of March 3, 2014 – translation and role play


Fish and Chips

WC nannte das frittierte britische Gericht, bestehend aus weißem Fisch in einem knusprigen, goldenen Teigmantel und knusprigen Kartoffelscheiben „die guten Begleiter. In der Tat sind „Fisch und Chips [Pommes]“ nicht gänzlich eine … (FRAGMENT) – fragt ggf. Martina, sie hat eine super Übersetzung abgeliefert! 🙂


3) Eton Mess

This traditional English …


popular = beliebt // famous = berühmt

Diese traditionelle englische Nachspeise, bestehend aus einer Mischung von Erdbeeren, Baiserstückchen und Sahne erhielt ihren Namen vom berühmten Eton College in Berkshire, wo es bei dem seit dem 19. Jahrhundert alljährlich stattfindenden Cricketspiel gegen Harrow School serviert wurde. Ein beliebter Mythos besagt, dass Eton Mess entstand, als sich ein Hund aus Versehen / unbeabsichtigt auf eine Erdbeer-Pavlova setzte und der einzige Weg, es zu retten bestand darin, es als ein zerkrümeltes Baiserdessert zu servieren. Versuchen Sie es …





p. 105 – Basic 4: Improving fluency // No. 3


Journalist: J

Member of the government: MG


1 – The economy

2- Education

3- Crime figures

4- Aid for developing countries

5 – Health care

Others: refugees (Flüchtlinge), war (Krieg), wages (Löhne), unemployment (Arbeitslosigkeit)



(1)    – J: How can you explain the recent stagnation / decrease in our countries’ buying power (Kaufkraft)? What incentives are planned to stimulate domestic (heimisch, binnenländisch) economy? With rising GDP (=gross domestic product = BIP = Bruttoinlandsprodukt), wouldn’t it be adequate to raise minimum wages?

(2)    What are your plans to improve the existing syllabus (Lehrplan)? // the existing educational system? How can you not limit the number of students for professional teaching with this high number of unemployment in this sector? Why don’t you liberate the teaching market and let the schools choose their employees using the same application procedure as in private enterprises? Wouldn’t it be better to allow students to repeat classes when they feel insecure without fearing negative consequences later in life?

(3) – J: What is your reaction to the latest crime figures, which reveal a sharp increase in violent crime?


(4)    – J: Should it become mandatory to donate a certain amount of money each month to developing countries? Why don’t we cut out on the aid for developing countries since they should learn to  build and rise their economy on their own?

(5)    What do you think of the existing health care program? Shouldn’t it be improved urgently? Can you guarantee that the fees for our health care system won’t be raised in the next four years as promised before the elections? How are you going to do that?


Topic: environment: J: What new measures is the government going to take to reduce industrial carbon emissions?


Topic: discrimination against the elderly: J: How do you plan to stop discrimination against older people in the job market?


Topic: decreasing votes for the party: J: Why do you think the government has become so unpopular with the electorate?


Topic: climbing the success ladder / promotion within the party: J: Do you have any ambitions to become party leader yourself one day?





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