Improving fluency – transcript

Basic 4: Improving fluency

1b – transcript


Tutor: How would you define tolerance, Tom?

Tom: I’d say tolerance is, er, it’s about accepting other people. It’s accepting we’re all different and, in other words, we

don’t have to be the same. We shouldn’t think there’s, you know, only one way to think or to do things.


Tutor: Julie, would you say that we live in a tolerant society here in this country?


Julie: Yes, I would, because, first of all, people of different ethnic origin all live together here. We have, like, peace

and harmony between different communities. Usually, anyway. And also, another point, in this country you can’t

be discriminated against if you’re a woman or if you’re gay.


Tutor: Do you think tolerance can ever be taken too far, Zara?


Zara: I think my response to that would be, yes, I suppose it can. ’Cos if we had a situation where everything was

tolerated, then, how can I put this? – there’d be no standards. There’d be no limit to – oh – bad behaviour and

bad language, for example. And I don’t think that would be good for society.


Tutor: What’s your opinion, Harry? Do you agree with Zara?


Harry: Yes, but – let’s think. Being tolerant of other people’s beliefs or way of life is quite different from tolerating bad

behaviour. So, the fact of the matter is, tolerance can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the context you’re

talking about.




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