Loesungen zum PAST

HOMEWORK – I hope you did your homework and use this for comparison.

When I (do) _was doing_____ the dishes, I (break) _broke____ a cup.
While Tom (play) _was playing____ the trumpet, his mother (do) _was doing___ the laundry.
He (drink) _drank___ some milk and then he (eat) _ate____ a few sandwiches.
I (have) _was having____ lunch when I suddenly (hear) __heard____ a loud noise.
When my father (work) _was working____ in the garage, an old friend (pass by) _passed by___ to see him.
She (go) _went__ to college, (take out) _took out____ her textbook and (begin) _began____ to read.
When it (start) _started____ to rain, our dog (want) _wanted____ to come inside.
When Jane (do) _was doing_____ a language class in New York, she (visit) _visited___ Grand Central Station.
When I (be) __was__ on my way to work, I (see)_saw____ an accident.
I (understand, not) _did not understand______ what they (talk) _were talking______ about.

When I (get up) _got up_____ yesterday, the sun (shine) _was shining________.
It (be) _was____ a beautiful morning.
So I (decide) _decided____ to cycle around a little.
I (go) _went____ to the garage and (take out) _took out____ my bike.
While I (cycle) __was cycling___ past some villages, I (see) _saw___ some people in their gardens.
One man (mow) _was mowing____ the grass while his wife (pick) _was picking_____ strawberries.
After one hour of cycling in sunshine, a big fat raincloud suddenly (appear) _appeared____ and it (start) __started____ to rain.
Luckily, a farmer (notice) _noticed_____ me and (tell) _told____ me to come in.
While it (rain) _was raining_____ outside, I (sit) __was sitting_____ in the farmer’s house.
After a while, the sun (come out) _came out____ again.
I (thank) _thanked____ the farmer for his hospitality and (move) __moved____ on.

While Steve (watch) _was watching__________ a game on TV, Susanne (listen) _was listening________ to music.
When I (walk) __was walking______ down the road, I (discover) __discovered_________ a nice little pub.
The angry little boy (throw) __threw__ his toy soldier onto the ground and (stamp) __stamped__ his feet.
I (receive) _received____[denkt an den RECEIVER der SAT-Schüssel!!] your SMS while I (sit) _was sitting____ in the dentist’s waiting room.
When Jamie (be) _was___ little, she (hate) _hated___ the smell of cheese.

HOMEWORK Feb 13, 2014:
Prepare the topics from your “debates”-sheet – we will do these in class next week!


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