Vokabeltrainer Abi-Kurs

Hi guys,

Here’s a useful link for you to train / repeat / learn vocabulary:




I’ve tested it, it’s quite nice. You can choose different categories, I have posted the irregular verbs because, as you already know, they’re important.


A  nice summary to repeat by topic can be found under: http://www.englisch-vokabeln.org/englisch-vokabeln-10-klasse.php  – you can select lower grades to repeat basic vocabulary.


eine kleine Übersicht, was an einem bayrischen Gymnasium bis incl. Klasse 9 bereits erlernt sein sollte, findet ihr hier: http://www.gym-albertinum.de/web/node/289


to recommend a book: http://www.pons.de/produkte/pons-schau-nach-blick-durch-schulwortschatz-nach-themen-englisch-978-3-12-560796-5/ – I could show you the French version, it is quite okay and many schools work with the book, although I haven’t seen the English one in classrooms yet.





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